Lukyantsev Company is a digital creative agency where we design & develop with beauty and brain. We're creating digital products, platforms and experiences since past 2014. Each of our endeavors is guided by a strong sense of technology and passion for the web. We strive to create meaning and value for our customers and their users and seek to imbue our products with a sense of wonder. We are a diverse team of creatives & developers from many backgrounds with a shared desire to help make the web a better place by using brain and beauty.


We helps to transform business ideas into powerful and memorable designs. We help companies ensure brand consistency across all platforms, ranging from basic stationery to TV graphics, custom publishing, digital presence and retail stores.


We create rich and memorable experiences, that fuses online & offline. As digital natives, we always find the most effective means to create a strong and lasting bond between your customers, your prospective customers and your brand. We create concepts and guidelines for your brands, so that everything you do is part of a global strategy. Your campaigns and messages are more visible, more impactful, and receive a sustained engagement.


We approach strategy from a business and creative point of view. We add strong value defining the purpose, identity, mission and vision of companies and services. Our services range from research to business design, including brand and digital strategy.

Web Development

We design websites and apps with a focus on functionality and brand consistency. Each digital product is designed to deliver impactful user-centered experiences, and is recognizable by both its functionality and visual design.


We help you make e-commerce a successful reality for your business. Our e-commerce service will help you do the deal and deliver on your promise to your customers. With a strong experience of online retail we conceive and build e-commerce platforms and webshops, and mobile retail is one of our strengths. We also take care of advanced data management, and product, supply chain and distribution management.

2D & 3D Game development

We love developing games and have a quality team of engineers, artists and producers who have mastered the craft of creating addictive and engaging gameplay We’re not just developers. We create games that users play again and again. We work hours and hours on balancing the game, devising monetization strategies and rewards that make the whole experience worthwhile for the user and for the client.


We create compelling and stunning, video and audio - which tells your story and convinces your audience. Digital media and video are the future, in the here and now. We offer a complete integrated range of audio-visual services. We design and produce your audiovisual content from start to finish: campaign strategy, pre- and post-production, media buying, distribution and promotion of campaigns and films. Alongside our production team, we have a broad range of strategic, creative and online services.


Experts in corporate, public and private events, we span the globe with our unique expertise and mindset that is the benefit for our customers. We will provide you with full planning, conception and management of your events. Finding the best locations, animations and food.

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